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Mountain Bike Trails [best MTB trails USA]

This mountain bike trails guide takes you across the entire country to different cities and states showcasing the very best trails, and MTB off-road areas available for mountain biking. Listed below are some of the very best mountain bike trails in the United States and Canada.

Utilize this guide to find great mountain bike trails near you.

Mountain Bike Trails
Mountain Bike Trails

Alabama Mountain Bike Trails

Alabama is a growing mountain bike state with almost 1000 miles of trails.

Coldwater Mountain Bike Trail

Coldwater Mountain Bike Trail, located in Anniston has approximately 30 miles of mountain biking trails. The primary configuration for the trails utilizes singletrack and offers several loops for riders to use.

Beginners might be interested in utilizing the single-mile loop that is perfect for newcomers that are still trying to get their feet wet.

Intermediate riders may be more interested in using larger portions of the trail. There is a convenient 10-mile loop that offers some technical riding challenges for more experienced riders. 

Coldwater Mountain Biking

Coldwater Mountain’s trail system has been recognized as one of the Top 50 trail systems in the entire country. There are two primary locations where you can join the trails. You should always bring a map before visiting the trail to ensure that you don’t get lost in the forest. 

The Coldwater Mountain trail system for mountain biking periodically receives trail updates. The last major update was in 2014, generating an additional ten miles of trail riding for mountain bikers. 

Coldwater Mountain Bike Trail
Coldwater Mountain Bike Trail


  • Periodically, The Coldwater Mountain Trails Are Maintained, Extended, and Updated
  • Basic Amenities are Included
  • Ideal for Riders of All Skill Levels
  • No Parking Fees or Trail Riding Fees
  • Fast, Flowy & Fun


  • Unexpected Closures Do Occur A Few Times Per Year
  • Can be Wet and Slippery at Times When it Rains
  • Hot & Steamy in the Summer

Each year Anniston hosts the Coldwater Mountain Festival. This great event features group rides (including at night), races, timed events, skills training sessions, a beer garden, and live music! A must-attend event if you love mountain biking! Camping and lodging are available.

One of the positive benefits of this area is that there are no fees for accessing the trails. Parking spaces are also provided to all visitors for no cost at all. The trail is operated and managed by a state agency within the jurisdiction of Alabama. The Coldwater Mountain trail allows for mountain biking, cycling, and hiking. 

Arizona Mountain Bike Trails

What can you say about Arizona except that it is one of the best places to ride in the whole world.

With almost 900 designated trails and weather that makes for year-round riding Arizona is a perfect place to enjoy lots of mountain biking.

Flagstaff Mountain Bike Trails

There is a wide variety of MTB trails for you to pick from in Flagstaff. Some are very easy green and blue trails but there is also an abundance of more difficult black trails.

There are trails for all skills levels within a very short distance of town. It is literally possible to ride your bike from some hotels to the trails.

Flagstaff Mountain Bike Trails
Flagstaff Mountain Bike Trails

There are so many MTB trails in Flagstaff you could spend several days exploring them. Check out Trailforks and you will be amazed at how many there are.

If you have not been there, Flagstaff is also a great place to visit. Easy to get to as it is right off of Interstate 40 in northern Arizona. When you add in all the great mountain bike trails it is a must-go-to location.

The League of American Bicyclists named Flagstaff a bicycle-friendly community. In addition, the famous Arizona Trail even runs through Flagstaff!

Caution! Flagstaff gets a LOT of snow in the winter months so check before you go!

How many towns have this many trails! Wow! Flagstaff is a great mountain biking area.

Flagstaff Mountain Biking Trails Map
Flagstaff Mountain Biking Trails Map

Sedona Hiline Trail

Sedona mountain biking is spectacular, to say the least! In particular, the singletrack riding experience on the Hiline Mountain Biking Trail is truly incredible.

This short trail is extremely popular and should be considered among the best in the entire state of Arizona. 

Sedona mountain biking
Sedona Mountain Biking

This trail, often called Sedona’s finest mountain bike trail is not suitable for beginners. You should only visit this riding location if you have a significant amount of mountain biking experience. There is quite a bit of elevation change along this five-mile trail.

You can expect some technical portions as you ride along the trail, solidifying the reasoning that only experienced riders should take part in this riding experience.

Sedona is only around 100 miles north of Phoenix, which equates to approximately a two-hour drive. Being close to the major city of Phoenix makes it easily accessible for a large percentage of the state’s residents to pay a visit to this location.

Take a wild ride on Hiline!


  • This is a Top-Rated Mountain Biking Trail in Northern Arizona 
  • Beautiful Scenery
  • The Hiline Mountain Biking Trail is only 2 hours North of Phoenix, Arizona


  • Not Ideal for Beginners
  • Lots of Rocks, Exposure
  • Very Challenging and Technical

The Hiline Mountain Biking Trail can take anywhere from an hour to two hours to complete, depending on riding conditions and pace. Most of the trail is extremely technical and challenging, but most of it is downhill. The trail starts from the Northwest and concludes in the Southeast, slowly moving down in elevation. 

There are many other Sedona MTB trails that offer a wide range of riding and you will love them all. The Hangover Trail is another great option to ride while in Sedona.

Arizona is loaded with mountain bike trails outside of Sedona so don’t think they is nowhere else to ride. Far from it! Arizona is a mountain biking haven!

Top Arizona Mountain Bike Riding Areas

  • Sedona
  • Phoenix
  • Flagstaff
  • Tucson

Arizona has enough MTB trails to keep you busy for years.

Arkansas Mountain Bike Trails 

Arkansas is rapidly becoming a highly popular mountain bike destination with almost 600 designated trails. The ground there is great for mountain biking plus lots of rolling terrain to make things interesting.

Bentonville Arkansas Mountain Bike Trails

Bentonville has named itself the “Mountain Bike Capital of the World” and we don’t blame them!

Mountain Biking Capital of the World Bentonville AR
Mountain Biking Capital of the World Bentonville AR

New MTB trails are being created at an astonishing rate in Bentonville thanks in part to Walmart supporting the development.

In case you didn’t know Bentonville is the location of Walmart’s headquarters ever since Sam Walton purchased a store in the downtown area all the way back in 1950. The store was called Walton’s 5 and 10.

sam waltons 5-10 store bentonville arkansas
Photo via User Bobak on en.wikipedia, CC BY-SA 2.5 via WikiMedia Commons

There are mountain bike trails even starting right in downtown! Hard to beat that! Have a quick lunch at your favorite café, jump on your bike and you can be on a dirt trail in less than a minute! Pretty cool.

The city is claiming to have more than 130 miles of mountain bike trails connecting right from town. And to top it off, they say you can access over 250 miles of trails in the Arkansas Ozark Trails System.


  • Lots of Trails to Choose From
  • Trails Start Right in Downtown
  • Lots of Downhill, Jump Lines, and Flow
  • Lots of Trail Maintenance Going On


  • Suppose if You Don’t Want to go to Arkansas
  • Can be Wet and Slippery at Times When it Rains
  • Limited Elevation Change

Top Arkansas Mountain Bike Riding Areas

  • Bentonville
  • Fayetteville
  • NW Arkansas
  • Little Rock

California Mountain Bike Trails

We all know California is loaded with awesome mountain bike trails. Some say California has almost 3500 designated MTB trails putting it at number one in the United States.

Here is one of our favorite MTB riding areas in California.

Downieville Mountain Biking

Downieville is a small town up in the California hills. Visting the quaint small town is like going back in time 60 years.

Downieville Mountain Biking
Downieville Mountain Biking

The Downieville mountain biking trail is considered by many to be one of the best locations for mountain biking in all of California. The trails are singletrack for the most part. Fun and fast!

Since you ride a shuttle up the mountain you will be enjoying some great downhills on these trails. More than 90% of the entire ride is descending. The intense elevation drop provides nearly 20 consecutive miles of high-speed, flowing mountain biking!

The elevation at the top of the trail starts at around 7,000 feet. You’ll be just over 2,500 feet at the conclusion on the trail after about 14 miles of consecutive downhill riding. Wow! Fun stuff!

The outdoor surroundings include rivers, creeks, waterfalls, and much more. One of the popular sections at this landmark is recognized as the Butcher trail. This trail is known for being somewhat technical in spots but great fun.

You will probably even get some small water crossings as you fly through the beautiful trees along the route down. Truly a scenic ride you won’t forget.

Downieville MTB trails

Downieville Classic

The annual Downieville Classic is one of the largest outdoor biking festivals in the world. The event offers a 26.5 mile ‘point to point’ cross country mountain bike race and the longest downhill mountain bike race in the United States.

The world-famous Downieville Classic is a bucket list event if you love mountain biking!


  • 14 Miles of Downhill Technical Mountain Bike Riding
  • Offers Basic Amenities
  • Extremely Popular Riding Location in California


  • Could be Difficult to Navigate (Map and Compass Highly Recommended)
  • Requires a Shuttle Ride to the Top of the Trail

Most people that visit the location for the first time realize quickly that these trails CAN put you out of your comfort zone. You will have the opportunity to see some amazing scenic views riding along these trails. 

Top California Mountain Bike Riding Areas

  • Southern California
  • Bay Area
  • High Sierras
  • You pretty much can’t go wrong anywhere

Colorado Mountain Bike Trails

Colorado is known worldwide for having some of the best mountain bike trails. Offering a wide variety of great locations which include Crested Butte, Cortez, Fruita, Winter Park, Steamboat Springs, and Durango to name a few.

From desert terrain to high mountain trails Colorado has it all with over 3000 designated trails to choose from.

Crested Butte Mountain Biking

Crested Butte is a famous location for mountain bikers because there are more than 800 miles of trails to ride on. Amazing!

The gorgeous scenic views are paired with some of the best single-track routes in the country.

The most popular trail at Crested Butte seems to be Trail 401. This trail has a moderate level of difficulty, but it is well known for its technical aspects and gorgeous sightseeing opportunities. 

Crested Butte Mountain Biking – Photo via Zach Dischner, CC BY 2.0, from Wikimedia Commons


  • 800+ Miles of Riding Trails in Crested Butte (Mountain Biking)
  • Gorgeous Sightseeing Opportunities with Excellent Scenic Views
  • Varying Levels of Difficulty on Each Trail


  • Could be Difficult to Navigate (Map and Compass Highly Recommended)
  • New Biking Trails are Not Added Often (Slow Expansion)

Steamboat Springs Mountain Biking

One of the most popular locations for mountain biking in Colorado is Steamboat Springs, also known as Bike Town, USA.

The 2A Trails Project has been established in Steamboat Springs with the intention of bringing new high-quality mountain biking trails to the public.  

It turns out that this project has boosted the soaring mountain biking industry in this region. Riders can pick up the Steamboat Springs trail maps and discover more than a dozen different trails with varying levels of difficulty.

The easiest trails are marked with a small green circle, while the intermediate trails are marked with a small blue square. Advanced trails are marked with black diamonds.

 The trails in Steamboat Springs are optimized for mountain biking, but they can also be used for other activities like gravel biking, town biking, and rock climbing. Steamboat Springs releases an annual calendar of exciting mountain biking events that you can attend as well.  

Colorado Mountain Bike Trails
Colorado Mountain Bike Trails


  • Dozens of High-Quality Mountain Biking Trails
  • Many Biking Events that take place throughout the Year 
  • Extremely Popular Riding Location in Colorado


  • Could be Difficult to Navigate (Map and Compass Highly Recommended)
  • Some Trails are Not Ideal for Beginners

The nice thing about the Steamboat Springs biking trails is that it doesn’t really matter what skill level you are when it comes to mountain biking.

You will have the opportunity to start out on the beginner trails and slowly work your way up to the advanced trails over time.

Always come prepared with a map and compass for navigational purposes. 

Steamboat Bike Park

Monarch Crest Trail  (Sargents, Colorado)

The Monarch Crest Trail is an extremely popular 30-mile trail located near Sargents, Colorado.

This trail is among the most popular in the country because it provides a great balance between scenery and reliable singletrack riding experiences for mountain biking. 

Most visitors elect to pay a visit to this trail during the warmer months of the year, usually between May and August.

With that being said, the trail is still open for most of the year and is usually only closed for occasional weather hazards or trail maintenance. 

monarch crest trail
Zach Dischner, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Portions of the trail are technical, but most mountain bikers should be able to enjoy this trail. Sometimes you just walk a section if you feel uncomfortable.

However, if you are a beginner, you might be in for quite an experience if you are planning on utilizing the Monarch Crest Trail for your first major riding expedition. 

Most riders agree that the Rainbow Trail is the best part of the Monarch Crest Trail, even though it requires quite a bit of climbing. Shuttle services are provided at the Monarch Crest Trail.


  • More than 30 Miles of Mountain Riding Trails
  • Trail Offers Major Elevation Changes 
  • Amazing Scenery and Views
  • BIG, Epic Ride


  • The High Elevation May Cause Problems for Some
  • The Weather Can Change Very Quickly
  • These Trails May Be Difficult to Navigate
  • Optimal Riding Conditions During the Warmer Months of the Year
  • BIG, Epic Ride

Everyone seems to have a slightly different favorite feature of this trail, but you can be sure that you will experience some outstanding scenery, incredible elevation changes, and several technical portions during the ride.

You can look forward to many hours of fun at Monarch Crest Trail.  

Monarch Crest Mountain Bike Trail

If you plan on a trip to the great state of Colorado, then you should investigate some of these other highly-recommended mountain bike trail areas.

  • Breckenridge
  • Colorado Springs
  • Cortez
  • Durango
  • Fruita
  • Salida
  • Winter Park

Florida Mountain Bike Trails

Mountain biking in Florida? How can that be? There are actually many miles of great mountain bike trails around the state. And if you think it is all soft sand that is not correct!

Santos Mountain Bike Trail

The mountain biking trail system at Santos is extensive. This is the most popular Florida mountain biking trail system and it is located near the city of Ocala.

Santos consists of more than 80,000 acres of land specifically for hiking, horse riding, and mountain biking. 

A bit of history on how the trail system came about. Have you ever heard of the Cross Florida Barge Canal?

Back in the 1960s, the government decided to build a barge canal across the state of Florida. Over time environmentalists were able to put a stop to the project but not before the land was designated and a large amount of construction work was completed.

The Santos Trailhead and Campground State Park sit on what is now called the Marjorie Harris Carr Cross Florida Greenway Park.

The ‘Greenway’ is what is left of the old barge canal route that was never dug up and now makes for good trails!

Santos MTB Park – Notice the Hills & Lime Rock Sections?

The really nice thing about Santos is the wide variety of cross-country trails and manmade features.

Trails are marked including their own difficulty rating, designated by a specific color. This is extremely useful because it allows mountain bikers with different skill levels to try out the appropriate trail for their riding capabilities. 


  • 80,000 Acres of Mountain Bike Riding Space
  • Includes Basic Amenities
  • No Fees are Required to Visit this Riding Location
  • Some Manmade Features
  • Camping Available (Fee)


  • Could be Difficult to Navigate (Map and Compass Highly Recommended)
  • Some Sandy Sections. Relatively Small Elevation Changes (It is Florida!)
  • In the Summer the Heat and Humidity can be Stifling and a Health Risk
santos FL pump track
Santos Pump Track – Photo Courtesy of Florida State Parks

You can expect elevation changes, sharp turns, and jumps throughout this trail system. Basic amenities can also be found at this location.

One of the highlights of riding at Santos is going across the land bridge. This bridge was made specifically for horses, bicycles, and wildlife going across Interstate 75 Highway.

Santos is definitely one of the premier mountain biking destinations in the south. Florida is rich in mountain bike areas. In addition to Santos, Florida MTB riders can find great trails at

North Carolina Mountain Bike Trails

Dupont State Forest Mountain Bike Trails

The Dupont State Forest is located near Cedar Mountain in North Carolina. This incredible area has more than 80 miles of trails for mountain biking, hiking, and horse riding. The mountain bike trail system provides riders with a diverse collection of great scenery and exploration. 

There are quite a few guidelines in place due to this being a multiuser trail system. This helps to manage the trails and keep them functioning in optimal condition.

Their motto is, “How trail users can play well together.”

North Carolina Mountain Bike Trails
North Carolina Mountain Bike Trails

Trails are marked and the local kiosk should be able to provide you with a map for navigational purposes. You should always be prepared to navigate by using a compass or map. 

The trails are suitable for beginners, but experienced riders will be able to enjoy these trails as well because there are some technical sections. Everyone who visits this location will be able to take in the gorgeous views and incredible sights. 

If you are visiting the Dupont State Forest from Charlotte, you can expect a 100-mile drive to the West. The Dupont State Forest is about 2 hours to the West of Charlotte, adjacent to the state border. 


  • More than 80 Miles of Mountain Bike Riding Trails
  • Only Two Hours West of Charlotte, North Carolina
  • Great for Beginners and Riders of All Experience Levels


  • These Trails May Be Difficult to Navigate
  • Some Trails May Be Closed During the Year

There are many popular trail routes within the Dupont State Forest that you might be interested in exploring. Look for trails that suit your experience level so that you can enjoy the best possible riding experience. 

This is Cool! Big Rock Trail Dupont State Forest

The most popular trails seems to be Ridgeline, Big Rock, Cedar Rock, and Airstrip.

Warrior Creek Mountain Bike Trails

North Carolina’s Warrior Creek mountain bike trails have earned a place on your ‘must-do’ list because it has incredible scenery and some nice techy sections.

Beginners may also want to try out the Warrior Creek trail, but some portions are a little technical and challenging and you may have to walk those parts. 

The most popular mountain biking trail at Warrior Creek is approximately 10 miles in length and includes rocks, jumps, bridges, and incredible scenery.

There isn’t a whole lot of elevation change on most portions of this trail, but there are some minor hills that might be surprising for beginner riders. 

Warrior Creek Mountain Bike Trails – Awesome Scenery!

Warrior Creek is an easy driving distance from several major cities, including Charlotte and Greensboro. This is one of the reasons that Warrior Creek is so popular.

The fact that it is close by and accessible makes it a lot more convenient than several other MTB trails in the state. 

The trail may be very busy during the summer months of the year. Winter months bring a chance that an unexpected closure could occur due to local weather conditions. 


  • 10 Mile (Multi-Directional) Mountain Biking Trail
  • Includes Several Basic Amenities
  • Ideal for Intermediate Riders but Most Skill Levels can Ride Here with Caution


  • Unexpected Closures Do Occur A Few Times Per Year
  • Extremely Congested in the Summer Months (Very Popular Trail in North Carolina)

There are a lot of great things to consider when paying a visit to the Warrior Creek trail in Wilkesboro, North Carolina.

This trail being ideal for all types of mountain biking riders is a major plus. It is open for riding in both directions (watch for traffic), although it is more popular to start from the Southern end of the trail. 

South Carolina Mountain Bike Trails

Yes, South Carolina (The Palmetto State) has great mountain biking with over 900 miles of trails!

Forks Area Trail System (FATS)

It’s not surprising that the Forks Area Trail System, located in Clarks Hill, is considered to be some of the best trails in South Carolina for mountain biking.

This trail is located near the Sumter National Forest and includes many miles of singletrack riding experience.

South Carolina Mountain Bike Trails
South Carolina Mountain Bike Trails

Most of the trail is ideal for all skill levels, including newcomers and beginners. The total maximum length of the trails is approximately 38 miles.

It has a primary surface of traditional dirt. However, some areas may experience overgrown foliage and mud depending on local weather conditions. 

Hiking and Mountain Biking are the two primary activities that are allowed to take place on the Forks Area Trail System. Pets are allowed and parking is also provided near the starting location.

No fees are required to access the trail, but some amenities may not be provided. It is important that you come to the trail prepared with water, maps, and any other accessories that you may need. 


  • More than 30 Miles of Riding Trails for Mountain Biking with Signage
  • Includes Parking and Basic Amenities, Bathrooms, Changing Areas
  • Great for Beginners and Riders of All Experience Levels
  • No Fee is Required to Access this Trail System


  • Some Trails May Be Over Grown in Spots
  • Hot & Humid in the Summer
  • Expect Spider Webs Crossing the Trails at Times
  • Can be Muddy and Wet in Spots
  • Could Have a Tree Down Across the Trail

The Forks Area Trail System could be a great landmark to experience some exceptional singletrack trail riding.

The scenery is beautiful and the trails are varied. Good signage, bathrooms and even changing areas are a plus!

Forks Area Trail System (FATS)

These are fun trails and some of our favorites for mountain bike riding in the Southeast. Not too hard but a great time.

Minnesota Mountain Bike Trails

Minnesota is commonly recognized for having some of the best scenery in the entire country.

One of the reasons that mountain biking in Minnesota has such popularity is because of the exceptional sightseeing opportunities on almost 1500 miles of trails! 

Cuyuna Lakes Mountain Bike Trails

The Cuyuna Lakes singletrack experience provides riders with more than 25 miles of unique MTB trails that offer varying levels of difficulty.

It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or expert, there will likely be a portion of this trail that is suitable for what your skill level is. 

One exciting fact about this trail is that it is actually pretty new. Since this trail hasn’t been around for too long makes it is even more interesting to explore.

There is a good chance that many local Minnesota citizens don’t even realize that this place exists. 

Cuyuna Jump Line & Skills Area

Cuyuna Jump Line & Skills Area

With that being said, the Cuyuna Lakes Mountain Bike Trail System actually includes a lot of nice amenities such as restrooms, parking areas, water access, and more. 

Weather conditions typically control the public access situation. If weather is potentially hazardous or dangerous, some trails may be forced to close unexpectedly.

The traditional park hours range from 6 AM to 10 PM, but these hours can also be adjusted depending on local conditions. 


  • More than 20 Miles of Riding Trails for Mountain Biking
  • Includes Restrooms and Other Basic Amenities
  • Great for Beginners and Riders of All Experience Levels
  • No Fee is Required to Access this Trail System
  • Cuyuna Has a Big Jump Line & Skills Area


  • These Trails May Be Difficult to Navigate
Minnesota Mountain Bike Trails
Minnesota Mountain Bike Trails

The Cuyuna Lakes Trail System is located around 130 Miles North of Minneapolis. This is an extremely popular mountain biking location that is sure to provide hours of fun.  

Other mountain biking areas in Minnesota you should check out…

Nevada Mountain Bike Trails

Nevada is often overlooked by some for great mountain bike riding. But take our word for it, Nevada has awesome trails and great year-round riding weather! Hard to beat.

If Nevada has not been on your list of MTB destinations you need to change that asap! (Or should we keep it a secret???)

Bootleg Canyon Mountain Bike Trails

Bootleg Canyon, located in Boulder City, just outside of Las Vegas provides visitors with one of the gnarliest trail systems in the country. While not the largest riding area there are more than 30 miles of singletrack trail.

All of the trails have varying skill levels that riders should consider before committing to a specific trail. Ask a local!

There is also a bike shop right there at the trail area so you can get some intel before you head out. You can also rent a mountain bike from them!

We would have to say most people who ride Bootleg Canyon take the shuttle ‘truck’ to the top. But you can just ride up the trails too.

Caution! Bootleg is ROCKY! Yes, there are some non-rocky spots but the downhill runs from the top are not for the faint-hearted.

That is why Bootleg Canyon has hosted many world championship downhill races!

Take a Ride with World Champion Aaron Gwin at Bootleg Canyon Nevada

Aaron Gwin Bootlag Canyon Race – Strap in!

A lot of basic amenities are provided at Bootleg Canyon Mountain Bike Park, including restrooms, practice areas, water access, and more.

Even still, you should always come prepared with your own necessities before accessing the trail. 

Many of the trails at this landmark are popular for their significant downhill portions that generate high speed.

These sections are ideal for experienced riders, but there are also some great sections in Bootleg Canyon that are suitable for most skill levels. 

The trails do get pretty rocky and bumpy in some locations. This trail forces riders to challenge themselves to overcome some of the tough obstacles that are found along this Boulder City trail system.  

Rocky is how you describe Bootleg Canyon MTB trails.


  • Bootleg Canyon is Extremely Technical and Challenging in Some Areas
  • Basic Amenities are Included (Water Access, Parking, and More)
  • Bootleg Canyon is Only 20 Miles Southeast of Las Vegas
  • Bicycle Shop Located at the Trail Area
  • Professional Mountain Bike Races are Held Here


  • Some Beginners May Struggle on this Trail
  • Super Rocky
  • Wear Knee and Elbow Pads
  • Super Hot in the Summer

A really nice thing about Bootleg Canyon is that it is located near Boulder City, which rests only around 20 miles or so Southeast of Las Vegas. Who doesn’t want an excuse to visit Vegas?

Blue Diamond Mountain Biking

Blue Diamond is actually a quaint, very small town only about 20 minutes west of Las Vegas. But boy do they have a great mountain bike trail system!

Just like Bootleg Canyon, there is a small bike shop right in town by the trailhead that you can rent bikes from or maybe get a quick repair done.

How convenient is that! Many people fly into Las Vegas and just rent bikes right at the trailhead.

Blue Diamond Mountain Biking

Blue Diamond (Cottonwood Valley) has miles and miles and miles of great MTB trail with scenic vistas of Red Rock Canyon that you won’t find anywhere else.

And don’t worry, there is a wide variety of easy, flowing trails and difficult technical sections that will challenge the best riders. Take your pick.

You may even see some wild burros that are descendants of the animals the Spanish Conquistadors brought to North America over 500 years ago.

There are lots of nice flowy trails like Three Mile Smile and also extreme trails such as the infamous Bone Shaker in what is called the ‘Cowboy’ trails area.

blue diamond mountain biking
Blue Diamond Mountain Biking

Other mountain bike trail areas in Las Vegas you should check out…Who knew Las Vegas had so much great mountain biking!

  • Bears Best (Amazing trail system)
bears best mountain bike trails
Bears Best Mountain Bike Trails – Named After Famous Golfer Jack Nicklaus
  • McCullough Hills (Henderson) – Huge selections of blue and green trails.

Reno Mountain Bike Trails

Many people think of Reno as an old west gambling town. The city has named itself “The Biggest Little City in the World.” BUT guess what else?

They have great mountain biking trails here and right next to Lake Tahoe!

Reno Mountain Bike Trails
Reno Mountain Bike Trails

The Reno-Lake Tahoe mountain bike trails are spectacular and provide over 600 miles to ride! The Tahoe Rim Trail alone gives you 160+ miles of amazing riding along the edge of the crystal blue waters of Lake Tahoe.

Closer to Reno-Sparks you can ride highly technical mountain trails and get in some desert terrain after that. So much variety to choose from makes this one of our favorite spots in the world to ride MTB.

Lake Tahoe Rim Trail

lake tahoe rim trail
Lake Tahoe Rim Trail

Nevada has such diversity in its mountain biking trails it is amazing. Definitely somewhere you want to go ride MTB if you have not yet.

Lake Tahoe Rim Trail (Plus a big crash!)

Utah Mountain Bike Trails

Utah is another truly amazing state for mountain bike lovers. You could spend months checking out all the great riding areas and trails.

Utah is recognized around the world for its incredible scenery and mountain biking trails. Here are some highlights.

Slickrock Mountain Bike Trail

The Slickrock Moab Bike Trail is extremely popular within the state of Utah, bringing in thousands of riders every single year. 

Slickrock is the most famous trail in Moab and maybe all of Utah. It can be congested with riders and is good for intermediate and above experience levels.

This is not an ideal trail for newcomers because it can be very technical and challenging. Slickrock is only a little over ten miles in total length but it is a heck of a ten miles! 

Slickrock Mountain Bike Trail
Slickrock Mountain Bike Trail

Riders can expect to spend around three hours on the trail if riding at a reasonable pace. The trails are pretty dry and they can have high temperatures during the daytime in the summer.

It is always a good idea to bring tons of hydrating beverages with you as you ride to avoid health hazards like dehydration. 

Yes, people have died on these trails.


  • 10+ Mile Technical Riding Trail 
  • Beautiful Utah Scenery
  • Practice Area is Available for Warming Up
  • Dirt Bike Riders Love Moab Also


  • Not Ideal for Beginners
  • Can Be Congested
  • Very Dry Trail Conditions (Extreme Heat)

You will be expected to pay a minor fee before being allowed onto the Slickrock Moab Bike Trail. This popular trail rests in Grand County, Utah, about 4 hours Southeast of Salt Lake City.

If you are looking for a challenge, while also having the opportunity to take in some beautiful scenery, then you might be interested in visiting the Slickrock Moab Bike Trails in Southeastern Utah.

Slickrock Mountain Bike Trail

St George Mountain Bike Trails

St George is a booming small town that is rapidly become not so small. It is the gateway to Zion National Park and quickly becoming a top mountain bike riding area. So many great trails to choose from!

Gooseberry Mesa may be one of the most well-known and popular trails in the St George area because it is spectacular! Check it out on this video below.

Gooseberry Mesa Mountain Bike Trail – St George Utah

The Gooseberry MTB trail was designed and developed by locals and gives you about 18 miles to ride on over nine different trails.

It won’t be as busy here as Moab so that is something to keep in mind if you don’t like crowds. Located just outside of the actual town of St George.

The St George area is also famous for the annual Red Bull Rampage which features truly incredible feats of bravery from mountain bikers from all over the world. Rampage is actually held in Virgin, Utah not far from St George.

St George Mountain Bike Trails
St George Mountain Bike Trails

Wisconsin Mountain Bike Trails

Do you think of Wisconsin when you think about mountain bike riding? Well, with 1900 miles of designated mountain bike trails you should be! Here is a good one.

Hickory Ridge Mountain Bike Trails

The Mountain Biking Trail System in Hickory Ridge is located near Bloomer, Wisconsin,

and has some reputable trails that are all marked with navigational markers for added convenience.

This trail system may be suitable for beginners, but it is truly recommended for experienced intermediate riders that have mountain biked before.

There are plenty of trail loops to consider exploring here. Most of them are downhill, but there are some sections where minor climbing is required. 

Hickory Ridge Mountain Bike Trails

You can be confident that some basic amenities are provided, but it is imperative that you always come fully prepared with a map, compass, and beverages to keep yourself hydrated on a warm day. 

Some people may not like the fact that Bloomer, Wisconsin isn’t really that close to some of the major population areas within Wisconsin. Even though this trail system is pretty far away, many riders agree that it is still worth the trip. 

In the winter months, the trails are covered in snow but available for snowshoeing, cross country skiing, and even fat tire bike riding.


  • Hickory Offers Beautiful Scenery and a Fun Riding Experience
  • Basic Amenities are Included 
  • Trails are Marked with Navigational Markers


  • Minor Climbing Sections Do Exist on This Trail (May be Tough for Beginners)

A lot of people travel to Hickory Ridge from Minneapolis. Bloomer, Wisconsin is only around 100 miles East of Minneapolis, which equates to about two hours in driving distance.

Many riders have expressed positive feedback after visiting Hickory Ridge. Check it out and let us know what you think with a ride report.

Here are some other Wisconsin locations to test your MTB skills and have a good time riding.

Wyoming Mountain Bike Trails

Wyoming mountain biking consists of over 2100 miles and over 500 designated trails. Nice!

Wilkins Peak Trails

The Wilkins Peak Trail System is located in Green River, Wyoming. This intermediate singletrack is rated the number one mountain bike trail in Wyoming and lasts for more than 12 miles offering some exceptional scenery to explore. 

This trail system is normally recognized as one of the more challenging singletrack systems in the country.

There are a lot of flat areas but some areas also offer significant elevation changes. Short climbs that ultimately result in some high-speed downward action for intermediate riders are a real treat. 


  • Gorgeous Scenery
  • Basic Amenities are Included 
  • Wilkins Peak Trails are Ideal for Intermediate Riders


  • Minor Climbing Sections Do Exist on This Trail (May be Tough for Beginners)
  • Unexpected Closures May Occur Throughout the Year

This area was developed by a nice collaboration between the BLM, the Forest Service, the City of Green River, and private landowners. Good work everyone, thank you!

If you are willing to travel to Green River for a fun and exciting riding experience, then you should definitely take a little bit of time to check out the Wilkins Peak Trail System.

There are dozens of great trails with loopable areas to check out and explore. 

Lithium Mountain Bike Trail at Teton Pass

Awesome trail. Lithium is rated advanced. 3.2 miles and lose almost 3000 feet of elevation. What can we say except do it if you have the chance to!

Lithium Mountain Bike Trail at Teton Pass

Other mountain bike trail systems in Wyoming to check out…

  • Cheyenne
  • Jackson

Whistler Mountain Bike Park

Hard to make a list of great places to ride mountain bikes and not include Whistler Mountain Bike Park. Some say it is the most fun you can have on two wheels.

  • What is Whistler? Whistler is a ski resort that becomes a world-class bike park in the summer.
  • Where is Whistler? Whistler is located in Western Canada a little more than two hours north of Vancouver.
  • Whistler Mountain Bike Park has about 70 trails.
  • It does cost about $80 for a day’s lift ticket to haul both your bike and yourself up the mountain.
  • Whistler has trails for all skill levels.
Whistler Mountain Bike Park
Whistler Mountain Bike Park

Everything you need to know about Whistler in this short video below. Enjoy!

Whistler Resort Bike Park

Mountain Bike Trails

This mountain biking trails guide provides you with the resources to locate incredible mountain biking riding areas around the United States.

It doesn’t matter where you are located, there is always a fantastic mountain biking area within driving range. 

If you are a newcomer to mountain biking, most all these locations have many exhilarating trails that are perfect for you to practice on.

There are also dozens of tougher technical trails that are ideal for more experienced riders. 

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