Dirt Bike Trails Near Me

Dirt Bike Trails Near Me [best dirt bike trails]

Here is a list of the best dirt bike riding areas throughout the country plus the information you need to know about them before venturing out. These are some of the best dirt bike riding areas available and all of them offer great riding trails.

dirt bike riding areas
Dirt Bike Riding Areas

Note: This is not a list of motocross tracks. While you can ride motocross bikes at the locations listed below (you WILL need a spark arrestor) please check out our list of motocross faculties here.

Dirt Bike Riding Areas

There are hundreds of dirt bike riding areas scattered across the USA. Some are designated and some you can only find if you have local riding knowledge. Below is a list of some of the best dirt bike trails in the country listed by state. Enjoy your ride!

Alaska Dirt Bike Riding Areas

Since it begins with the letter A let’s start with Alaska! No, Alaska is not known for being a dirt bike destination but if you are looking for some BIG exploration in the BIG wilderness this could be a great time!

Alaska offers quite a few popular trails near Anchorage that might be worth checking out.

Old Man Trail (Anchorage, Alaska)

A popular trail that is said to have taken miners up to the gold claims at Albert Creek.

This off-road trail is nearly 30 miles in total length and can provide stunning views, and take you to some great fishing spots.

This trail doesn’t have a lot nearby, so don’t go out to this location with the expectation that you will find campgrounds or amenities. This trail is for riders that want an adventure out in the great wild. 

Alaska Dirt Bike Riding Areas
Alaska Dirt Bike Riding Areas

No matter your reason for traveling it, the Old Man Trail is going to be fun and a dirt bike ride you will always remember. 


  • Plenty of Adventure and Spectacular Views
  • Provides a Balance of Speed and Elevation
  • Ideal for Smaller Off-Road Vehicles like ATVs and Dirt Bikes


  • No Amenities, Campgrounds, or Other Venues Near this Riding Trail
  • Not Ideal for Larger Off-Road Vehicles
  • You May Feel Very Isolated at Times

There are a lot of elevation changes, and fun jumps scattered about on this trail. It isn’t regularly maintained, so you might feel very isolated at times. Just prepare and plan before you go.

The Old Man Trail is one of the best secret riding spots for dirt bikes in Alaska in my opinion. 

Arizona Dirt Bike Riding Areas

The state of Arizona is literally loaded with places to ride dirt bikes. There are more than 40 designated dirt bike riding areas listed on the Arizona Game and Fish website. Some of these Off-Highway Vehicle (OHV) riding areas do require a permit so always check before you ride.

Alto Pit OHV Area (Prescott, Arizona)

The Alto Pit riding area is only four miles from Prescott so it makes it convenient to base there with its hotels, restaurants, and stores. Located a little under two hours’ driving time from Phoenix, Prescott offers a lot to see and do if you want a break from dirt bike riding.

The Alto Pit riding area sits at an elevation of 6200 feet (something to take into consideration) and encompasses about 400 acres. Trails are mostly all hardpack.

Alto Pit Dirt Bike Riding Area

Alto Pit provides a campground, beautiful trees, lots of rocks, and a wide variety of terrain over roughly 20 miles of trails. It is open to ATVs as well as dirt bikes.

NOTE: There is a children’s riding area at Alto Pit OHV.

Boulders OHV Area (Lake Pleasant, Arizona)

Located a short 45 miles from the heart of Phoenix, the Boulders OHV area provides around 200 miles of trails for your dirt biking pleasure.

arizona dirt bike riding areas
https://www.flickr.com/photos/atlai/, https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

This does include single-track specifically for dirt bikes but you have to find it! You will also see ATVs and UTVs utilizing the two-track in the area.

Elevations are between 1,700 and 3,500 feet. There is primitive camping available.

Boulders OHV Area – Lake Pleasant, Arizona

Kelly Motorized Trail System (Flagstaff, Arizona)

If you are looking for single-track you will find it here in the Coconino National Forest just south of Flagstaff.

With roughly 50 miles of dirt bike single-track and awesome beautiful scenery it is a favorite destination in northern Arizona.

The Kelly Motorized Trail System does also allow ATVs, UTVs, and 4×4 vehicles but they have lots designated trails for just dirt bikes.

The Coconino Trail Riders Club works hard to keep these trails in good shape. They even offer group rides so check them out.

Kelly Canyon Dirt Bike Trail System

The North Rim (Grand Canyon, Arizona) Trails

The North Rim is located within the Grand Canyon in the State of Arizona. This riding location, often called the Arizona Strip is somewhat secluded and out in the middle of nowhere but it offers many great scenic riding trails and fun exploring.

This riding area is mostly two-track and shared by ATVs and UTVs UNLESS you have local experience and know how to find the dirt bike-specific trails.

Due to the vast number of riding trails, it can get pretty confusing if you are not familiar with the area. It is highly encouraged that all riders bring maps and a compass (and/or GPS) with them before taking off into the wilderness.

Finding a local rider to go with you that has knowledge of the trails is always a great choice.

You can easily ride through dozens of miles and take advantage of some scenic locations at the North Rim. Having a great time exploring all of the off-road trails here is a guarantee!  


  • Plenty of Trails for Off-Road Dirt Bike Riding
  • Fantastic Scenery


  • This Riding Location at the North Rim is Very Secluded
  • Maps are Imperative for Navigation Purposes
  • Mostly two-track and shared by ATVs and UTVs

The North Rim might not be optimal for every type of rider. Some people might prefer a location that is a little bit closer to civilization.

Even though it takes hours of driving to access this stealthy riding location, many riders claim that it is worth the effort because the riding experience is so unique and fun. 

California Dirt Bike Riding Areas

California may have once been thought of as the ‘Mecca’ of dirt bike riding. Sadly to say, many riding areas have been closed down or lost to urban sprawl but there are still great places to ride. So go check them out while you can!

Buckhorn/Camuesa Road Trail  (Santa Barbara, California)

Santa Barbara is the location of the Buckhorn/Camuesa Road Dirt Bike Trail which runs for around 9 miles. This trail is specifically known for being extremely family-friendly. The trail has some significant elevation changes and is mostly made of gravel and dirt. 

Dirt Bike Riding, Hiking, and Horseback riding are all common activities that take place on this specific trail. Considering that you will be riding your dirt bike it is probably worth mentioning that this trail can get congested at times.

Buckhorn/Camuesa Road Trail

Southern California has dozens of popular dirt biking trails, but there is something about the Buckhorn Road Trail that keeps riders coming back. It is only about 2 hours north of downtown Los Angeles, but the scenery around this trail is just fascinating and amazing. 


  • Nine Mile Multi-Purpose Trail for Dirt Bikes, ATVs, Hikers, and Horse Riding
  • No Fees or Permits Required 
  • Very Beautiful Area


  • The Buckhorn Road Dirt Bike Trail is Popular and gets Busy
  • Basically an Old Dirt Road but with some Tricky Technical Spots

This trail is one of the most popular locations for off-road riding in Southern California.

Imperial Sand Dunes (Glamis, California) Trails

One of the best off-road riding locations in the whole country exists in Southern California in a small town called Glamis.

California Dirt Bike Riding Areas
California Dirt Bike Riding Areas

The famous Imperial Sand Dunes located here brings off-road riding enthusiasts from all over the world to ride in this unique desert landscape. 

An exciting opportunity presents itself at the Imperial Sand Dunes, allowing for dirt bike riders to enjoy vast open, sandy areas to ride. Many people bring out their favorite off-road vehicles to ride at the Imperial Sand Dunes because there is so much open space. 

The Imperial Sand Dunes provide elevation, speed, and excitement. There are few locations that are better suited for off-road riding. There are usually groups that host off-roading events every single week at the Imperial Sand Dunes.


  • Plenty of Unobstructed Riding Space for Off-Road Vehicles and Dirt Bikes
  • Provides a Balance of Speed and Elevation Changes
  • Weekly Riding Events are Scheduled at the Imperial Sand Dunes


  • Located in a Remote Southeast Section of California
Imperial Sand Dunes Dirt Bike Riding

Thousands of riders make the trip to Glamis to catch a glimpse of the exciting Imperial Sand Dunes. This location is a must-ride place if you love dirt biking.

Ocotillo Wells State Vehicular Recreation Area

This state recreation area is over 85,000 acres in size and another one of California’s world-famous dirt bike riding areas.

Because this off-road area is so vast there is a wide variety of terrain to choose from. Ranging from sandy and open to amazing hills that dirt bike riders have been known to make some spectacular jumps.

ocotillo wells dirt bike riding
Ocotillo Wells Dirt Bike Riding

Ocotillo is so big it has designated ‘areas‘ they call “destinations” all with intriguing names! So choose your ‘destinations’ wisely and visit often to see them all!

Ocotillo Wells Destinations:

  • BLOWSAND HILL – Wind-blown sand made this ‘hill’. The most popular spot in the park.
  • DEVIL’S SLIDE – 200 foot high mound of granite and sand with hidden mineshafts!
  • BARREL SPRINGS – Mesquite sand dunes with lots of wildlife due to springs in the area.
  • SHELL REEF – A four million-year-old reef of fossilized oyster shells!
  • GAS DOMES – Water holes with gas bubbling up out of them.
  • PUMPKIN PATCH – This area is loaded with large ’round’ sandstone rocks. Pumpkins?

Ocotillo Wells is a great place for beginning riders as well as top-level professional dirt bike racers. In fact, it is not unusual to see some of the biggest name motocross racers and freestyle performers out there just having some fun.

Make sure you do some serious planning and figure out where you want to ride before you go.


  • Huge OHV Area of 85,000 acres
  • Great Variety of Terrain
  • Good for Beginners to Pro Level
  • No Entrance or Use Fees Even for Camping
  • Lots of Rangers that Actively Patrol Everywhere in the Park


  • So Large of an Area You Can Easily Get Lost
  • No Water Available
  • Lots of Rangers that Actively Patrol Everywhere in the Park
Ocotillo Wells Dirt Bike Riding

San Gabriel Canyon OHV  (Azusa, California) Trails

If you travel approximately 40 miles northeast of Los Angeles, 11 miles north of Azusa, you will come across the San Gabriel Canyon OHV area.  

San Gabriel allows many options for dirt bike riders to experience all of the thrills of off-road riding in a convenient location. There are over 160 acres of trails and courses for your dirt bike riding pleasure.

This is a small fee per vehicle before being granted access to the park. 

The sandy trails run adjacent to the river, including diverse conditions in mud, sand, and gravel. The San Gabriel Canyon is absolutely gorgeous and has some of the best scenery in the entire state. 

The trails might not be as in-depth as some riding enthusiasts prefer, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy the outdoors. There are still plenty of exciting trails to explore during your trip to the San Gabriel Canyon OHV in Azusa California.


  • 40 Miles North of Los Angeles near Highway 39 in Azusa, California
  • Gorgeous Scenery with Plenty of Trails for Off-Road Vehicles
  • Not Expensive to Ride Here
  • Beginner Friendly


  • Unexpected Closures Occur Occasionally at this Location

It might be a good idea to call before you start your trip because there have been reports of unexpected closures at this riding location. Check their website for up-to-date information.

San Gabriel Canyon OHV

Wildomar OHV Staging Area  (Murrieta, California)

The Wildomar Dirt Bike riding area is certainly the most popular spot in Riverside County. Comprised of 360 acres this OHV park has an impressive eight-mile trail with great scenery just a few miles from Lake Elsinore. 

A permit will be required in order to visit this location. You can acquire a pass by visiting the Cleveland National Forest office and purchasing one there. Standard amenities can be found on-site, but the camping spots are limited to just 11 sites. 

Most dirt bike riders find this trail provides a fun and exhilarating experience in Southern California. This region regularly experiences extreme heat, so it is always a good idea to come to the Wildomar Dirt Bike Trail with preparations for hot summer day rides. 


  • Eight Mile Multi-Purpose Off-Road Trail for Dirt Bikes
  • Incredible Scenery Along the Trail
  • 11 Camping Sites and Other Standard Amenities


  • A Permit is Required to Access the Wildomar Dirt Bike Trail

The trail is open year-round and will only be closed for routine trail maintenance in early October of each year. 

Wildomar OHV Staging Area

Florida Dirt Bike Riding Areas

Florida is a great place to ride dirt bikes although the places you can ride are quickly disappearing due to regulation and urban development.

Croom Motorcycle Area (Brooksville, Florida)

The Croom dirt bike riding area has been around since 1973 and boasts 2600 acres! It was one of the earliest designated off-road riding facilities in the USA.

Located near Brooksville, Florida just north of Tampa right off I-75, is loaded with many trails that are great for dirt biking. You need to like sand though! Remember this is Florida and sand is the base.

Croom is open seven days a week. Camping is available and they even have a youth riding area.

Croom Motorcycle Area


  • Miles of Sandy, Rough Trails
  • Many Single-Track Dirt Bike Trails
  • Camping Available
  • Youth Riding Area
  • Picnic Tables, Grills, Spray Wash Area, Bathhouse
  • Close to Tampa


  • Miles of Sandy, Rough Trails
  • Very Hot and Humid in the Summer
  • No Pets Allowed in the Riding Area or Campground
  • Only Open From 8 am to 5 pm
  • Fee Required
  • Big Spiders on the Trails

Download the brochure for Croom Motorcycle Area here.

Hard Rock Cycle Park  (Ocala, Florida)

Hard Rock Cycle Park is located in Marion County in Ocala, Florida. This park is filled with exciting off-road trails that are perfect for ATVs, UTVs, 4x4s, and dirt bikes.

There are also dozens of campsites located on the property, allowing visitors to enjoy a lot of different experiences during their stay. 

Ok, Hard Rock is more of a motocross facility but this is Florida and there are just not that many off-road parks so we included it here. Plus, it does have legit dirt bike trails!

Hard Rock Cycle Park

Hard Rock Cycle Park offers lots of dirt bike riding opportunities. There are dozens of acres of riding trails, several motocross tracks, and a specialized off-road riding course. You even have hills and water crossings!

Yes, Florida does have some hills. There was an old lime rock mine here.

Camping is available by paying a small fee. There is even a zip line facility just down the road if you get tired of riding and want something different to try. Located less than two hours north of Orlando. 


  • Top-Rated Riding Location in Central Florida (North of Orlando)
  • Includes Riding Trails, Motocross Tracks, and Special Courses
  • Includes On-Site Amenities and Campgrounds


  • There are Riding Fees for All Visitors
  • Camping Fees are Additional
  • $30 Entrance Fee

This 100-acre property is filled with entertaining things to do and you can many diverse off-road trails.

Ocala National Forest OHV Trial Riding Area (Ocala, Florida)

The Ocala National Forest is roughly 387,000 acres and located in the heart of the state just north of Orlando. While the designated trail system is a small fraction of what ‘used to be‘ it is still an interesting place to ride.

Take note that these trails are promoted as “designed for slow speeds for riders to view and appreciate scenery and wildlife as well as to highlight the importance of conservation” directly from the Forest Service website. So take that into consideration before you go.

Be Advised! These riding areas are actively patrolled by rangers and they WILL ticket you for violations.

You must also register your dirt bike and purchase a riding pass or annual permit. The good news is the permit will also allow you to ride on the 100 miles of trails in the Apalachicola National Forest in addition to the 200 miles of trails in the Ocala National Forest.

There are several ‘cool spots’ to check out when you ride here including Blue Sink and Farles Prairie. The forest is loaded with small ponds, sandy areas, lots of pine trees and scrub oak, and grasslands.

ocala national forest ohv trails
Ocala National Forest OHV Trails

It is very easy to get lost here so make sure you have a map, GPS, and a compass. The good news is that even if you do get lost it won’t be for long until you come across someone or a road. But you could easily find yourself a long way from your parking area.


  • 387,000 Acres to Explore
  • Multiple Designated Parking Areas to Choose From
  • Very Interesting Scenery
  • Lots of Wildlife
  • A Crystal Clear Sinkhole You Can Swim In Along the Way


  • Lots of Restrictions and Rules to Follow or You Will Get a Ticket
  • Only 200 miles of Trail in Such a Huge Area
  • Two Way Traffic with Very Limited Line of Sight Due to Vegetation
  • Very Hot and Humid in the Summer. Plan on Getting Caught in a Thunderstorm
  • Lots of Big Spiders on Tight Trails in the Trees
  • You Could Easily Come Across a Black Bear on the Trail
Ocala National Forest Dirt Bike Riding Trails

NOTE: Traffic is both ways on these trails and it can be hard to see far ahead due to the dense vegetation. You must stay on designated trails.

There are about 16 miles of designated dirt bike single-track trail but it has traffic both ways as well so can be dangerous. There have been many head-on collisions that resulted in injury.

Ohio Dirt Bike Riding Areas

The state of Ohio has varied terrain and beautiful scenery that make it an awesome place to ride dirt bikes.

Bear Creek Ranch (Canton, Ohio)

Bear Creek Ranch is open throughout the year and has nearly 200 acres of riding area. The marked riding trails extend out for nearly 25 consecutive miles.

This riding trail is ideal for ATVs and dirt bikes, but keep in mind other off-road vehicles may also be on the trails with you. All riders are required to wear a helmet and other safety equipment.

This trail location also has a motocross track to make your adventure more fun. Plus, there is a large hill climb to play on!

Bear Creek ranch is great for the entire family with beginner-friendly trails. The riding fees are extremely reasonable at just $25 for a full day of riding. 

Other exciting amenities are also provided at Bear Creek Ranch, in addition to the riding trails. You can enjoy horseback riding, camping (nearby KOA), lodging, and miniature golf as well as visiting Canton.

Note: There is no water available at the trailhead parking area.


  • More than 25 Miles of Riding Trails for ATVs and Dirt Bikes
  • Several Amenities at Bear Creek Ranch (Camping, Mini Golf, Horse Riding)
  • Bear Creek Ranch is Open All Year Long 


  • Affordable Riding Fees ($25)
  • Not Ideal for Larger Off-Road Vehicles
  • No Water at Parking Area

Bear Creek Ranch is very close to Interstate 77 so easy to get to. 

Nevada Dirt Bike Riding Areas

As with Arizona and California, Nevada is heaven for dirt bike riders. While many of the locations are not officially designated riding areas there are hundreds of miles of dirt bike single-track trail in a wide variety of terrain.

From desert sands to mountainous ‘goat trails‘ you will never run out of amazing places to ride dirt bikes in the Silver State.

Jean (Las Vegas, Nevada)

Just south of Las Vegas east of I-15 you will find the Jean dry lake bed. Officially named the Jean Roach Dry Lake Bed you will find hundreds of miles of trail to explore on your dirt bike, ATV, Side by Side, or 4×4.

Jean Roach Dry Lake Bed Dirt Bike Trails
Jean Roach Dry Lake Bed Dirt Bike Trails

Yes, people go park on the dry lake bed and ride around in circles which could be fun but Jean has hundreds of miles of dirt bike single track just past the dry lake bed.

Find a local who knows the trails and ask to go with them. Otherwise, you may flounder around for hours and not find the good stuff!

You also need local knowledge to know which areas are off-limits. Jean riding area has hosted night dirt bike races and many off-road truck events. You are not allowed to ride there if a major racing event is in progress at the time.

Jean is a no fee riding area.

Jean Single-Track Dirt Bikes Trails

Logandale Trails System  (Logandale, Nevada)

There are over 200 miles of exciting trails out in the desert at the Logandale Trails System for dirt bikes, quads, and other off-road vehicles. 

The enjoyable trails are great, but it does get really hot in the summer. It is strongly recommended that all visitors bring plenty of water, sunscreen, and take the necessary precauti0ns. 

The Logandale Trails System is not far from downtown Las Vegas, only about fifty miles northeast of the city, just off the Interstate 15 freeway. 

If you are looking for a top-tier collection of riding trails for all types of off-road vehicles, then you should definitely check out the excitement that exists at the Logandale Trails System.

Download the Logandale Trails System Map Here


  • Top-Rated Riding Location Northeast of Las Vegas
  • Plenty of Riding Trails for All Types of Off-Road Vehicles (ATVs, Dirt Bikes, Buggies)
  • Includes On-Site Campground and Some Limited Facilities


  • This Location Experiences Blistering Heat in the Summer

Logandale Trails System offers interesting trails with a variety of terrain from sand to red rocks.

Logandale Trails System

Just remember to prepare for the blistering Nevada heat. Plan to start at dawn to beat the heat if you go ride your dirt bike there in the summertime.  

Nelson Hills (Boulder City, Nevada)

Just south of Las Vegas and Boulder City, off of Highway 95, you will find an amazing dirt bike riding area called Nelson Hills. There is actually a small town nearby called Nelson that many say is a ghost town.

There was even a famous movie scene filmed there once of a gas station exploding. You can ride right up to the town. There are also many old mining shafts in the area. Something to keep in mind as you explore on your dirt bike. Be careful!

Nelson Hills Dirt Bike Single Track Trails
Nelson Hills Dirt Bike Single Track Trails

Nelson is kind of like Jean in that you should try and find someone to go with that has been there before. It will just make your ride more fun. There are hundreds of miles of single-track dirt bike trails here.

Nelson Hills is amazing with all the hills and technical single-track trails you will find. The good thing is there is always usually an ‘easier route’ if you find yourself in a spot that is too technical for your skill level. Simply turn around and find another line.

Former off-road great Danny Hamel used to ride here. If you like hills, rocks, sand, and technical dirt bike riding this is the place to find it all!

Nelson Hills is a no fee riding area.

Nelson Hills Dirt Bike Single Track Trails

Michigan Dirt Bike Riding Areas

Michigan is an off-road dirt bike riders dream come true! There are literally thousands of miles of trails and dirt roads to explore to your hearts content. And did we mention Michigan has sand? Yes, they do! Who knew! The dirt is actually great for dirt bikes in Michigan.

Cedar Creek Motorsport Trail  (Twin Lake, Michigan)

There might not be a more popular dirt biking trail in Michigan than the Cedar Creek Motorsport Trail. This dirt bike trail challenges riders with high speeds, sharp corners, and tons of elevation changes and hills. 

A lot of people like the fact that the entire 24-Mile trail has navigation markers. The trail runs along the side of Cedar Creek and crosses over it a few times.

Cedar Creek trail is open every day of the year and there is no fee to ride there.

The nearest cities to this trail are Muskegon and Twin Lake. Be advised National Forest rules are in effect at all times for all riders. 


  • 24-Mile Riding Trail near Muskegon with Navigation Markers
  • No Fees or Permits are Required for this Dirt Bike Trail 
  • The trail is Open All Year Long 
  • Parking Spots are Available for Trail Visitors
  • Great Dirt and Trees


  • Very Busy and Congested Trail during the Summer
  • Not Ideal for Larger Off-Road Vehicles
  • Two Way Traffic
Cedar Creek Motorsport Trail

This is a great place to ride just be careful with the two way traffic.

Minnesota Dirt Bike Riding Areas

Minnesota provides thousands of off-road trails for dirt bike riding.

Trout Valley Trail  (Altura, Minnesota)

The Trout Valley Trail is a popular dirt bike riding trail in Minnesota. This OHV area is located in Winona County and is open between May and November.

The total trail length is approximately nine miles and is ideal for ATVs and dirt bikes. 

Be aware that this trail can also be used for horseback riding. The multi-use purpose of this area does present a few safety risks, which is why it is important to follow all of the rules and guidelines to ensure that your experience is as safe as possible.

Download the Trout Valley Trail map so have some help navigating the trail safely.


  • Nine Mile Multi-Purpose Off-Road Trail for Dirt Bikes, ATVs, and Horse Riding
  • No Fees or Permits Required for Minnesota Residents 


  • The Trout Valley Trail is Only Open Between May and November
  • Out of State Visitors will Require a Trail Pass

All residents of Minnesota are allowed to utilize the trail for any of the listed purposes, including dirt bike riding, mountain biking, or horseback riding.

Aerial View of the Trout Valley OHV Trail Head

NOTE: If you are visiting this trail from outside of Minnesota, then you will need to obtain a trail pass before accessing the trail. 

Oregon Dirt Bike Riding Areas

Oregon has several incredible off-road dirt biking trails that provide speed and excitement for riders. From flatlands, high desert conditions, and lush mountains, Oregon has it all and is a great place to ride.

McCubbins Gulch OHV Area (Maupin, Oregon)

Located in the Mt. Hood National Forest, the McCubbins Gulch OHV Area is near Maupin, Oregon, just southeast of Portland.

This place is perfect for dirt biking because it has more than 70 miles of unique single track! there are also sections with navigational markers to help riders find their way through diverse conditions.

McCubbins Gulch OHV Area is traditionally open between April and November and does require local permits in order to access. Keep in mind it also closes down during fire season so make sure you call for the latest info before planning a trip.

The trail is good for beginners while still offering great dirt bike riding for more skilled riders as well. There are still some sections that present riders with unique challenges. 

Despite what you may think, parts of Oregon can lack rain at times during certain portions of the year. The summer months are extremely dry, and the McCubbins Gulch OHV Trails can be very dusty.


  • More than 70 Miles of Dirt Bike Single-Track Trails
  • Incredible Scenery Along the Trail
  • Camping Available


  • A  Local Permit is Required to Access the McCubbins Gulch OHV Area
  • The McCubbins Gulch OHV Area is Only Open Between April and December
  • Can Be Dry and Dusty at Times
  • Very Busy
McCubbins Gulch OHV Area

Texas Dirt Bike Riding Areas

Texas has many areas to ride dirt bikes off-road at private facilities and National Forest trails.

Red River Motorcycle Trails (Bulcher, Texas)

Dirt bike enthusiasts have been riding at Red River Motorcycle Trails in Texas since the early 1970s.

Located in Bulcher, Texas, this great facility has trails, camping, and lodging. The Red River Motorcycle Trails website is filled with useful information, including membership benefits, directions, and contact information. Be sure to check it out.

As a club riding member, you save money on riding fees for yourself and your guests. You can even access the members-only areas. As a paying member you will be sent a special identification card to access all your benefits

Red River Motorcycle Trails dirt bikes
Red River Motorcycle Trails

Red River Motorcycle Trails Member Benefits:
(Adult Yearly Membership is $125. Youth $75)

  • $15 per day ride fee, versus $25 for nonmembers
  • 10 guest passes per member, allow guests to ride for $20 per day (with member present)
  • Benefit of riding when the park is closed/during the week, with a reservation
  • Benefit of being able to use/reserve the member RV spots with power 
  • Access to members only shower and restrooms
  • Members are required to show their Member ID Cards upon check-in at the park office.*


  • Membership Includes Discounted Riding Fees, Member-Only Areas, and Guest Passes
  • Plenty of Riding Areas, Camping Reservations, and Lodging
  • Includes Riding Access on Weekends (Membership Required)


  • There are Riding Fees for All Visitors (Members Receive Discounted Rates)

There are a lot of great riding locations in Texas. The Red River Motorcycle Trail facility is among the best. The feedback from existing riders is exceptional and riders seem to love this privately owned riding area. 

Red River Motorcycle Trails

Utah Dirt Bike Riding Areas

Where do we start talking about Utah and dirt bike riding? There is so much to offer you could write a book about it. Desert riding, high alpine mountain trails, sand dunes, and slick rock trails…Utah literally has every type of dirt bike terrain possible on Earth.

American Fork Canyon OHV Trails (Wasatch Mountains of Utah)

The American Fork Canyon is a well-known Utah dirt bike destination that offers plenty of amazing single-track trails. The scenery is simply spectacular so good luck trying to keep your eyes on the trail!

american fork canyon ohv trails
American Fork Canyon OHV Trails

This riding area is located in the Wasatch Mountains and only a short distance from the famous Timpanogos Cave National Monument. You could spend days exploring this area.

Many of the trails are pretty easy to navigate and some spots have basic navigation arrows/markers. However, don’t get lulled into sleep because just around the corner could be a tricky technical section and even some exposure that you want to avoid.


  • Trails are Fairly Easy to Navigate
  • Fantastic Trails and Scenery
  • Located Adjacent to the American Fork River and Timpanogos Cave National Monument


  • Riders are Required to Pay a Fee at the American Fork Canyon Fee Station
American Fork Canyon OHV Trails

The American Fork Canyon trail system is fantastic if you love single track. 

Virginia Dirt Bike Riding Areas

Catfish ATV Trails (Martinsville, Virginia)

One of Virginia’s most popular off-road riding locations rests in Martinsville, Virginia at the Catfish ATV Trails riding area. While the name says “ATV” this is also a great place for dirt biking fun.

Riders can experience more than 60 miles of diverse trails on the 600-acre property. Come prepare for mud because this area can be wet at times.

Catfish ATV Trails welcomes ATVs, UTVs, and Dirt Bikes. No Jeeps, SUVs, and Buggies though. Always call before heading out as their operating hours can vary.


  • No Permit is Required to Access the Catfish ATV Trails
  • This Trail has Incredible Scenery and a Fishing Pond 


  • Operating Hours Are Not Consistent
  • Large Off-Road Vehicles are Not Allowed (SUVs, Jeeps, and Buggies)
Catfish ATV Trails Dirt Bike Riding

This is forest riding through the trees with up and down rolling hills. Limited camping is available and there is a fishing pond on site. 

Make sure to investigate permit requirements, fees, and operating hours for all of these incredible riding locations before you go.

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